Marina and anchorage

Yachts seeking refuge at island of Susak have a few options at their disposal. Apart from the obvious choice of local harbor, there’s also anchorage in Bok bay. A more knowledgeable skippers often drop their anchor in bays of Porat, Nasuzanski, Tiesni and Baldarka.

About the port of Susak

The port of Susak has 23 berths, of which 20 are with moorings, while 3 places are for mooring at side. Port depth is 3 meters. The port is well protected from all winds.

All berths have fresh water and power supply. Garbage and waste oil may be disposed of in nearby containers.

Fuel and cooking gas is unavailable. Groceries can be found in the store in the vicinity of the port.

CONTACT For info about pricing and availability please contact the port operator: *+385 99 335 87 60

Anchorage in the bay of Bok

Anchorage at the Bok bay can accommodate up to 30 boats. It is well protected from southern jugo and eastern wind, while exposed to northern bura wind and western maestral.

Although during summer western maestral wind picks up almost every afternoon, anchorage is oriented in such a way that this does not affect the safety of the boats. After sunset maestral loses its strength offering cooler and pacefull night.

Additional info about the this achorage can be found at (website is at the moment unavailable)

CONTACT Anchorage operator can be reached at:

Tiesni Bay

Bay of Tiesni is located at the southeast part of the island, south of Bok bay. It can accommodate up to 3 boats.

Due to its southern orientation it offers perfect protection from northern bura and western maestral wind.

Nasuzanski Bay

Nasuzanski is located at the most southern tip of the island. It’s a narrow bay with almost vertical slopes, which offer great protection from northern bura and western maestral wind.

Since it’s a really small bay, it can accommodate 1-2 boats.

Porat Bay

The spacious bay of Porat with its shallow sandy bottom is especially popular amoung boaters. The bay is located at the western end of the island, making it protected from northern bura, eastern and western maestral wind.

Baldarka Bay

Baldarka is the only north-facing bay which offers free anchorage. The water depth ranges from 3 to 5 meters, making it similar to Bok bay. Due to its small size and orientation it is protected only from the southern jugo wind.

Additional navigational info can be found at Susak @ Cruise Wiki, although some information might outdated.