Geting to Susak via city of Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is a town in the island of Lošinj. It’s connected to the mainland by catamaran from Rijeka (which also connects Susak and Rijeka), two ferry lines (Valbiska-Merag and Brestova-Porozina) and a catamaran from port of Zadar.

Due to luggage limitations of catamaran, most of the people owning a house on Susak use the local boat line from Mali Lošinj. The local boat line has no such limitation.

Planning your trip

Before setting you should first plan your trip. You’ve already made the first step by choosing Mali Lošinj as your transit point. The second step is to choose which ship to use for getting from Mali Lošinj to Susak.

As stated in the introduction, Susak is connected to Mali Lošinj via two ships:

These two ships three times a day establish a root from Mali Lošinj to Susak:

IMPORTANT: this is true on most but not all days of the week - make sure to check the schedule.

If want to avoid driving at night and or spending the night in Mali Lošinj, the only option left is to go by local ship line in the afternoon.

Reaching Mali Lošinj

You reach Mali Lošinj the following way:

Have a look at these maps which might help you along the way (click on icons to get more info):

Traveling by car

You should plan your trip so that you arrive at 12:00. That should give you enought time to buy the tickets, load your luggage onto the ship, park your car and even have lunch.

To get an idea on how long it will take you to get to Susak you can use Google Maps. It can calculate the duration of your trip.

Traveling by bus

Although there is a bus line which connects Mali Lošinj with other cities on the mainland, traveling by bus is not cheap nor is it fast or comfortable. If you own have a car it’s much better to travel by catamaran.

Arriving in Mali Lošinj

Just outside Mali Lošinj there is a small bridge which is lifted to let ships pass through. About 600 meters after you cross this bridge turn right, The road will go downhill and will take you to a big parking place near harbor.

The ship is docked near city center. To get there just drive (or walk) along the cost for about 500m until you reach the pedestrian zone. There you should be able to see the ship on the right.

If you are traveling by bus, the bus stop is located on the same parking. It will take you about 10-15 minutes to get to the ship by foot (depending on the amount of luggage you’re carrying).

Boarding the ship

The first thing you want to do when you arrive to Mali Lošinj is to buy the tickets for the ship and transfer your luggage to the ship. For more details see Traveling by local ship line or catamaran.

Also check out the section dedicated finding your way around Mali Lošinj.