Traveling by catamaran

Catamaran also sails twice a day: early in the morning it sets off from the Mali Lošinj and heads for Rijeka, with a stopover at Susak. In the afternoon it returns from Rijeka back to Mali Lošinj, with another stopover at Susak.

Schedule & tickets

Schedule and ticket webshop can be found at

Limited number of tickets

During the peak season (in July and August) it might be a problem to find a free seat on the catamaran. When leaving Susak situation is even worse: quotas are imposed on number of passangers catamaran can pick up on each of the islands. This means that only predefined number of tickets can be sold to the people traveling from Susak to Rijeka.

To make matters worse the ticket office does not sell tickets in advanced - you can only buy tickes for same-day departures. So when leaving Susak for Rijeka make sure you get to ticket booth at least one hour before it opens. It’s not a bad idea to visit the ticket office one day ahead of your departure and ask the attendant for advice.

Fortunately all this can be avoided by buying ahead of time tickets on-line. You will receive an e-mail containing PDF with your ticket. Although you can show your ticket on the screen of your mobile phone while boarding it’s always better to have a paper copy at hand - it speeds up the boarding process.

Limited amount of luggage

When traveling by catamaran one should know is that there’s a limitation on amount of luggage one is allowed to take along. It’s similar to traveling by plane, although not as strict.

While on catamaran

The interior of the catamaran looks more like a bus or a plain than a ship: it features air conditioning and tinted windows.

Take some warm clothes with you, because the sometimes overdo it on air conditioning. Also the seats are not too comfy, so a travel pillow is not a bad idea.

Smoking is not allowed, except on the bow which is closed while at sea.

Arriving at Susak

Now check te section talking about arriving at Susak.