Finding your way around Mali Lošinj

Before boarding the ship Premuda or catamaran you will probably need to find your way around Mali Lošinj. This section is dedicated to helping you find your way around typical problems.

Shopping for groceries in Mali Lošinj

There are a couple of big supermarkets in Mali Lošinj, with prices similar to those in mainland. All of the supermarkets are located on the hill south of the town. You can get there by driving in the direction of Veli Lošinj. At the exist of the city you should turn right uphill. There are big signs saying Super-Konzum, which you can follow.

Eating in Mali Lošinj

Right at the supermarket Super-Konzum there’s a bistro called bistro Vema in which you can have a nice lunch for cheep buck.

If you aren’t planing to go shopping you can have lunch at any of the many bistros and restaurants in the port (the prices are a bit higher though).

Spare time

If after you’re finished with parking your vehicle, buying tickets and boarding the ship you still have some spare time before the ship leaves, there a couple of options to keep you busy.

The city center is an open market where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, ranging from authentic handmade ones to cheep chinese junk. There a lot of cafés, ice-cream parlors and a few restaurants. The center is the best place to have a cold drink and relax in the shade, while watching people strolling by, ships gently rocking…

Most of the low to mid-range restaurants are located in the back alleys. Their offer ranges from seafood (deep fried anchovy, calamari etc) to grilled meet. Take a stroll and you’ll probably find something which suites you taste.

On the other hand if you want to take a swim, the best option is to go to Sunčana uvala (sunny bay). To get there you will need to use your car, since it’s a bit far from the center. In case you had enough of driving, or haven’t arrived to Mali Lošinj by car, there’s another small beach which can be reached by foot. Walk to the the opposite side of the harbor all the way to the INA petrol station. Then follow the road which runs left uphill. When you reach the top, go right and just follow the road. It will take you again downhill to this beech.

Map of Mali Lošinj

You can have a look at this map (click on icons to get more info):