Spiăza Bay

Spiăza is the largest bay of the island. On it’s western side lays the lower village of Susak.

It’s shallow waters and soft sand make it ideal for small children. Since the whole village lays on it’s shore it’s the one which is most easily accessible: you can go to the grocery store and take a swim along the way. This beach hast the most to offer when it comes to services: you can rent beach umbrella, a beach chair, a peddle boat, play volleyball or have a drink or a quick snack in one of the bars.

However if you prefer peace and quiet and would like some privacy this beach might not the right choice for you. This is the only beach on the island where nudity is not allowed.


Warning - dogs are not welcome

Dog owners should are warned that dogs are not welcome at beaches in the Bok i Spiaza bay. Other people will not only give you an evil eye but will probably openly complain and may become confrontational.

If bringing a dog to the beach is a must then go to some of less popular beaches, such as the ones west of the port. You should be fine in Baldarka bay since it’s never crowded!