Plants and animals

Deposits mentioned in the section about geology are in fact a very fertile soil, which combined with mild climate enable all the Mediterranean vegetation to flourish. A special kind of reed can be found all over the island. By growing on the edges of the sand cascades and terraces it prevents erosion. The flatter upper parts of the island are mostly covered by grass, bushes of wild grapes, blackberry and various herbs. Some parts of the island are covered by forest of acacia tree.


Apart from goats, sheep and a few cows, rats, mice and bats, cats and dogs, there are no other mammals living on the island. There are of course reptiles: western whip snakes (hierophis viridiflavus) which locals call “gad” and two kinds of small lizards: dalmatian wall lizards (odarcis melisellensis) and moorish gecko (tarentola mauritanica). Moorish geckos come out at night are probably more interesting. Locals call the “tarantula”, probably after it’s latin name. You can usually spot them on a house wall under a street lamp, where they wait for their pray: the moths and other insects. They are characterized by thin pinkish transparent skin, through which you can see their internal organs.

I almost forgot to mention the birds - yes you can find seagulls, crows, swallow etc. Coming from the world of insects we have: common flies, mosquitoes (there’s no malaria), various butterfly, ants, caterpillar and harmless mediterranean scorpion (euscorpius italicus).