Getting to Susak via city of Rijeka

City of Rijeka

Traveling by catamaran from Rijeka is probably the and fastest most convenient way to get to Susak. The ship itself is air-conditioned, while the trip is about 4 hours long.


There are a few options how to reach Rijeka:

Traveling by car

You will probably use GPS for navigation, which will guide you directly to the dock at which you will board the catamaran.


If you travel by car, be aware that you might not find a parking place right away, although there is a big parking right along at the harbor or close by.

Although the parking is not guarded, the do charge about 1€ by the hour.

To save some money you can try leaving your car on one of the parking lots of many shopping centers on the town outskirts (for example HERE) and then take a taxi - I usually do that.

Here’s a list of taxi companies which operate in Rijeka:

NOTE: make sure to call the taxi well ahead of time, since in the high season it is not uncommon to wait for taxi for 45 minutes


The ones traveling by bus or train can leave their luggage in lockers at the main train station. There you can safely store your belongings at 24-hour rate of 15 Kn (2€) for smaller locker and 20 Kn (3€) for larger lockers. That way allow you to roam through Rijeka unburdened, while waiting for the catamaran.


The catamaran dock is on the eastern side of the Rijeka harbor (near the big cranes). The ticket office in the nearby building. Click here to see the location on the map.

Boarding begins 30 minutes before the departure time.

For more info on buying tickets and traveling by catamaran check the section dedicated to traveling by catamaran.

Eating in Rijeka

You can find a great reasonably priced food in Bistro Mornar, which is located close to the dock.

Map of Rijeka

You can have a look at the following map which should help you getting around Rijeka (click on icons to get more info):