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Interview with one of Susak legendary inhabitants Gabrijela Morin (with english SUBTITLES)

Gabrijela Morin is one of Susaks native inhabitants, who survives without running water, electricity or a roof above her head (her house has no roof). In this interview she speaks about hardships she had endured during her life and about challenges she meets in her everyday life.

Since she speaks in Susak’s dialect english subtitles are provided - make sure to turn them on in YT player.

Susak - documentary

Jam session at Borut’s place

On night in 2007 we were sitting at a house of my friend Borut Urbas (not Borat Sagdiyev), drinking wine and chatting. It was around midnight when somebody knocked on the door and two guys carrying strangely looking suitcases came in. A guitar and a sax came out and a jam session began. Here’s a video of this session.

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the musicians - perhaps somebody can help me?

Timalapse video of Spiaza bay

In 2005 I made this video using a simple webcam and a laptop. It was taken from a terrace belonging to my friend Marijan Valković - that’s in the upper village. The video shows almost the whole day: the dawn, Susak being visited by catamaran and the ship Ozalj, clouds passing by… it sums up one day in a few minutes.

Since a cheep webcam was used, the quality of the video isn’t too great. I’m planing to make another video this summer… so sit tight.

Stormy weather

Waves carried by the Bura wind slamming over the harbor wall.

Cliff diving

Some German guys made a video of themselves diving from cliffs above the Obis cove)

50 years together - Anita i Fransesco

This video slide show was made for 50th wedding anniversary of Anita and Fransesco “Lila” Picinić. The video tells a warm story about their life together, starting on Susak back in 1948 when they got married. It’s talking about their emigration and life in the United States, their children and grandchildren.

50th wedding anniversary - Gardenia and Martino

This slide show video takes us back to 1957 when Gardenia i Martino Tarabocchia had their wedding. This wonderful video shows through a series of photos what a wedding on Susak used to look like.