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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

QUESTION: This August my family and I plan to visit the island of Susak. Could you help us find accommodation?
ANSWER: Since I don’t own a tourist agency, I can’t offer you service of accommodation booking. This purpose of this web site’s is only to give you all the information you might need. You will have to contact apartment owners yourself. You can find contact information on the page which talks about sleeping on Susak (here’s the link). This page contains contact information of some apartment owners and a list of links to other sites offering similar information.

QUESTION: Is camping on Susak allowed?
ANSWER: Camping on Susak is prohibited. However I have seen people camping illegally a few times. You can find more information on camping and all the other types of accommodation on the web page talking about sleeping on Susak

QUESTION: A month ago I have visited Susak and have some photos I want to share with others. Can I send you my photos so you publish them on this site?
ANSWER: You should contact me through the form at the beginning of the page - I’ll write you back with the details on how you can send photos.