Bakery st. Catarina

Before the bakery was opened, fresh bread on Susak was a rear commodity. As soon as the morning shippment arrived to the local grocery store it was quickly sold out. People used to wait in line each morning infront of the store just to make sure they don’t miss out on getting the last piece of bread.

Those days are long gone - today Susak has it’s own bakery!

Apart from a variety of breads and various pastries, in the bakery you can also find strudels, donuts, cakes, and water and yogurt.

Bakery is not only the place where you shopp for daily bread, but is a go-to place for a quick snack of burek or pizza.

The staff is always welcomming and ready to please!


The bakery is located in the southern part of the lower village, near the well and stairs leading towards the upper village.


Address: Susak 406
Telephone: +385 95 547 42 00

Business hours

Every day from 06:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00