Susak Expo - Birds

An Art Project by Ludmilla Andrews for Susak Expo 2018.

The art piece is best described by author herself (a transcript):

On the evening of 4th may from a tally of 28 birds that arrived on the island of Susak, Croatia from south London, England, three were lost through catastrophic injuries.

Six flocks comprising of about three or five birds were photographed nesting in various locations around the island.

A flock of five birds located on the evening of the 5fh May in a grassy verge next to Susak steps were reported missing newt moring 6th of May. One bird was found injured nearby and returned to health. A short time later another flock of five birds was spotted in the same location.

No obvious signs of hostility by native species was observed. However adverse weather conditions wind and rain could affect survival rates. Removal by preditors also remains possibility.

The behavior of the visiting birds was described as benign.

For purely sentimental reasons as a parting gesture each flock of birds was treated a rendition of Auld lang syne a vintage melodica.

Also on the morning of 6th may two birds were sighted catching a lif on Susak-Rijeka catamaran, destination unknown.