Pâtisserie Susak

The only pâtisserie on the Susak is kept by a really great guy called Ali and his family. He’s family has been running this place since I can remember. Although Ali lives on Susak only during the summer and is not one of the indigenous people, he a significiant role in Susak’s identity.

The decoration of the place is for sure not the thing which will attract you to stop there. However, due to the facts that it is located on the main street of the lower village and that it is the only pâtisserie on the island, you will end there sooner or later.

Pâtisserie offers a modest choice of pastries and sweets, including ice cream and unavoidable burek. You can also order pizza there!


That’s easy - it’s on the main street in the center of the lower village


Address: Susak 59
Telephone: +385 98 168 66 72

Business hours

Every day from 09:00 to 23:00