Konoba Barbara

Tourists on their one day visit to Susak often stop at this place aether looking for refreshment after climbing to the upper village or to wash away dust from their mouth after visiting the cemetery (there’s some dust on the way). It’s a clean and simple place run by the owner called Barbara. They serve standard dishes found in majority of the restaurants along the Adriatic coast: grilled meat and fish, squids etc.

This refreshingly simple place has unremarkable décor. There are tables inside, in a little courtyard just in front of the restaurant and on the terrace.


It is located as you might have guessed in the upper village. First climb the stairs all the way to the church, go straight across the right side of the square and continue into an alley. There’s a sign pointing in the direction of the restaurant - it’s just 2 minutes down that alley.


Address: Susak 603
Telephone: +385 51 239 128

Business hours

Every day from 09:00 to 00:00