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Walking trails

Walking around Susak can be a lot of fun, even if you’re usually not into hiking and mounteneering. There are a few interesting trails, most of which are very easy, so that even total beginners can enjoj them. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Trail to cape Darto

Darto is the name of Susak’s most eastern cape. Right at the cape there’s Blessed Virgin’s chapel. By walking along this easy trail you will see coves on the eastern part of the island and get to know paths leading to those coves. You will also have an opportunity to visit the local cemetery.

  • Trail length: 5.25 km
  • Walking time: 1-2 h
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Take with you: shoes or firm sandals for walking on rocky terrain, drinking water, camera

Directions: you begin your trail in the upper village, from where you head for the cemetery. When you reach the cemetery take the dusty road on the left. Walk for about 200m and exit the road by taking the fourth path on the right and then after 3m turn left. Follow this path for 2-3 minutes until you reach a narrow clearing on which four different paths cross - from there you will see the sea on the both sides of the island. At the clearing continue straight. After another 5-10 minutes you will reach the chapel at cape Darto.

Behind the chapel there are a few more paths leading to viewpoints at the edge of the plateau. From these viewpoints you can see the lower village, Mali Lošinj and in the distance islands east of Susak.

After a short brake and taking some pictures head back along the same path which took you to the chapel. When you reach the narrow clearing turn right downhill in the direction of the Bok cove. There you will be able to take a swim and have a drink in a bar on the right.

After this second brake continue walking along rocky coast on the left side of the cove. After 5-10 minutes you will reach the lower village. You will end your walk at the Emigrant’s club, where you can have a cold beer or a juice.

If you own a GPS receiver or a smartphone (with a GPS app and/or Geocaching app installed) you can search for a geocache which is hidden along the way. You can also download tracklog.

Trail to Nasuzanski and Obis coves

Although Susak known for its sandy beaches, the island has several beautiful rocky coves, which non only are beautiful, but also provide a quieter and more intimate atmosphere - something which can’t be found on popular sandy beaches. This walk will take you through Susak’s vineyards to two beautiful stone coves Nasuzanski and Obis. You’ll also have an opportunity to taste some of delicious wild blackberries, which grow along the edges of the vineyards.

  • Trail length: 3.55 km
  • Walking time: 1-1.5 h
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recommended equipment: shoes or firm sandals for walking on rocky terrain, drinking water, camera

Directions: This trail starts at the parish church in the upper village. From there head up the ally and later the path leading for the cemetery. When you reach the cemetery, turn left onto a dusty road. After about 50m enter the first vineyard on the right. Keep walking along the right edge of the vineyard until you reach the corner in which the vineyard ends and a meadow begins. There should be a small barely visible path running through the meadow - follow it and after about 30 meters you will reach the edge of the plateau, which is directly above the Nasuzanski cove. You’ll probably be tempted to take a few photos, but be careful not to get close to the edge, as you might accidentally fall. If you like you can follow the path all the way down to the shore, where you can have a swim. be careful though - the water gets deep very fast, which is not good if you can’t swim.

After visiting Nasuzanski, return through the vineyard all the way back to the dusty road. When you reach the road turn right and continue until a bent on which the road turns left and downhill. On the right should be a smaller path entering another vineyard - take it. After a few meters the path splits - keep going streight until you see a shack behind a wooden fence - there turn right and enter a bigger vineyard. After entering the vineyard turn left. There you’ll find a lot of blackberries - you’re welcome to help yourself :)

After you’ve eaten some blackberries and found a collected a few thorns it’s time to continue. Walk along the edge of the vineyard until you reach a corner and take a track running through a meadow. Just a few meters after exiting the vineyard there’s a less visible path on the right - take it. Since it’s not frequently used it’s a bit overrun by grass and bushes, but it’s still usable.

After 2-3 minutes you will reach the rocky coast - the part which people call “Little Abyss” and a small semi-cave. Although both are very close to the end of the dusty path, you will not be able to see them right away - you’ll have to walk another 20 meters in the direction of the sea. After descending another 50m you’ll get to the see level. There you can have a swim - make sure you know how to swim, since the water is very deep here. From the edge of the beach you will be able see the beach Obis (or Great Abyss as we call), which is about 200m to the right.

When you’re ready to continue you journey, return to the path you used to get there. When you reach the path don’t enter it, but turn right instead. Continue walking alongside the coast until you reach another path on the left - take it and climb back into the vineyards where you ate blackberries. After you enter the vineyard keep walking along the right edge of the vineyard until you reach the first exit - take it and go to back to the dusty road. As you enter the road you’ll find yourself again at the bent on which the road starts running downhill - follow it and it will take you to the lower village.

When you reach the coast turn left and head for the Emigrant’s club, where you will end your journey. Have a cold drink - you’ve deserved it!

If you own a GPS receiver or a smartphone (with a GPS app and/or Geocaching app installed) you can search for a geocache which is hidden along the way. You can also download tracklog.

Visiting the lighthouse

Typical landmarks of every island in the Mediterranean are it’s church and the lighthouse. While the church is regularly visited by all the people who come to the island, the lighthouse is often unjustly overlooked. This walk will take you for a visit to Susak’s lighthouse, along the way you’ll arrive to the highest point of the island called Garba, make a detour to an abandoned military observation post and see the unique jungle-covered landscape and grassy terraces.

  • Trail length: 4.41 km
  • Walking time: 1-2 h
  • Difficulty: medium (you have to walk uphill)
  • Recommended equipment: shoes or firm sandals for walking on rocky terrain, drinking water, camera

Directions: This journey starts at Osman’s patisserie in the lower village. Walk into a street right of the patisserie and enter a smaller ally. On the wall of one of the houses you should see a hiking trail blaze like this one: - a red circle with a white center. Keep going straight and after about 50 meters you should get to the beginning of the well-worn steep dusty path - the one leading to the lighthouse.

Since the path is covered with a thick layer of loose dust, it’s a good idea to take off your shoes - to keep them clean. After about 50 meters the trail becomes less steep and less dusty, so you will be able to put your shoes back on. At about the same moment start looking for an narrow exit on the right side - it leads to the best scenic point of the island - the flagpole hill just above the harbor. It offers a great view of the lower and the upper village and it’s definitely worth visiting!

After taking a few photos turn back, return to the main path leading to the lighthouse and continue walking uphill. Within a few minutes the trail will become flat and you should be able to see the lighthouse tower in the distance. Along the way you will walk pass several scenic points on the left.

In another few minutes you will reach the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper and he’s wife are very friendly and approachable people from who you can learn a lot of interesting information. If you ask they might take you for a tour of the lighthouse tower.

Continue your journey by following the path leading from the lighthouse into the grassy highlands behind it. In about 100 meters you will reach a county road from which you’ll see the watchtower of the abandoned army observation outpost in the distance. Take the path leading from the road in the direction of the watchtower.

In about 5 minutes you’ll reach a high wall surrounding the outpost - the entrance is on the right side. Although the building is in poor condition, entering it is quite safe. In the middle of the building there there’s ladder leading to the top of the tower. The ladder however is not safe for climbing - you do it at your own risk.

Meadows surrounding the outpost are criss-crossed by many paths, which unfortunately don’t lead anywhere - they have been made by sheep, who from time to time live there. If you’re for an adventure, you can try taking one of these paths to see where it will take you. Who knows - you just might hit a jackpot and discover a new and interesting place!

When you’ve had enough of sheep trails and abandoned buildings, head back and return to the county road. When you reach the road, turn right - away from the lighthouse. This road will take you to the upper village. After about 20 minutes you will reach a paved path which connects the upper village and the cemetery - turn left for the upper village.

As you reach the first house of the upper village on the left you’ll see stairs going down. These are the second stairs connecting the upper and the lower village. Turn left and follow the stairs.

End your journey at the Emigrant’s club. Have a cold drink and tell the bartender about your adventure :)

If you own a GPS receiver or a smartphone (with a GPS app and/or Geocaching app installed) you can search for a geocache which is hidden along the way. You can also download tracklog.

Hiking around the island

This one-day adventure is a great way to get to know all the island’s bay and coves. I myself have done it over 15 times till now and continue doing it at least once every summer. Based on my own experience, here are some tips which might help you:

To do the whole circle around the island on foot it will take you about 4 hours, if you don’t count in brakes. Susak has the circumference of about 12 km (7.5 miles). The terrain is pretty easy on the north-east side, but is quite rough on the south-west side of the island. The trip itself should be carefully planned and should bot be tried if one is not fit enough to withstand 4-5 hours of rough terrain and hot sun.

  • Trail length: 12 km = 7.5 miles
  • Walking time: 3-4 hours
  • Difficulty: difficult (demanding terrain, long walking time)
  • Recommended equipment:
    • good firm walking shoes - IMPORTANT!! The rocks along the way are very sharp, making it impossible to cross in sandals or flip-flops.
    • t-shirt
    • a hat to protect you from the sun
    • sunglasses
    • backpack to put your stuff in
    • cellular phone for case of emergency
    • basic first aid kit
    • a towel
    • swimming costume
    • a camera to take pictures of things you see along the way
  • Food:
    • 1,5-2 liter of water
    • 1-2 sandwiches
    • a candy bar for energy (i.e. Corny) - don’t take chocolate because it will melt

Directions: It’s best to start early in the morning - not later than 8am and do a clockwise circle. That way you will never have the sun shining directly in your face, and will cross the most difficult part of the trip while you are still fresh. The last section from Zali Bok to Spiaza is the easiest. Another advantage of going this way is that within the first two hours of walking you still have an option of giving up, without having to walk all the way back. The last place where you can climb uphill and return to village is the Nasuzanski bay.

The only tricky section of the whole trip is getting across the Zali Bok cove. This tinny cove is enclosed from the both sides by vertical stone walls (4 meters wide, 3 meters high). It will take a bit of climbing ti get through, but don’t worry - you’ll be climbing maybe 1 meter above see surface. For most of the people this will be a lot of fun, however even if it’s too much for you, you can easily swim across.

Measures of precaution:

  • make sure you notify somebody of your plans
  • let them know on which direction you are heading and when you plan to return to the village
  • if you have any doubts on whether you will be up to it you can: 1) give up and not do it 2) have someone following you by boat
  • it’s always better not to go alone: in case something happens to one, the other can still get help