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Things to do

Just as there’s not much to see on Susak, likewise you shouldn’t expect to find any activities which you don’t organize yourself.


Susak offers a number of walking paths ranging from easy and relaxing to difficult and strenuous. Here are a couple of suggestions:

The recommended trails will take you past some of Susak’s geocaches.


If you like walking and searching for hidden treasure than Geocaching is the game for you. Susak is a home to three geocaches hidden in different and interesting locations. Also there’s one hidden at the island of Male Srakane.

For more info click here: Geocaching @ Susak


Let’s start off with the most obvious - the swimming. When it comes to swimming Susak is ideal for novice wanting to learn this skill. Beeches such as Spiaza or Bok are perfect for learning the first strokes. More skilled people can have a nice training by swimming along the coast from Bok bay all the way to Punta Valica. The north west side of the island is offers accessible shore, almost none-existing water currents and relatively shallow water with bottom covered by nice silver sand interlaced with patches of posidonia see grass - a nice thing to gaze at during a long swimming trainings.

For more information have a look at page about Beeches.

Snorkeling & Diving

Although the south-west side of the island might not be as nice for swimming as the north-east one, it’s very nice for snorkeling and diving. The bottom is much deeper here and is full of cracks, holes and even underwater tunnels (see Potarnak cove.

Arround the . In that area the see bottom is the most dramatic, dropping almost vertical to the depth of more than 20 meters (65 feet).

The most interesting place to dive around Susak is the Obis cove. On it’s west side there’s the Margarina, where there at the depth of 6 meters there’s an interesting reef. A canyon in it’s middle dropping to the depth of 17 meters conceals an ancient shipwreck. On the left side of the canyon theres a vertical wall dropping to the depth of 30 meters, where amphora fragments can be found.

Other islands in Susak’s surrounding also offer great diving spots, like wrack of steamboat Tihany just outside the island of Unije, vertical wall dropping to the depth of 40 meters at the tiny island of Galiolo, shipwreck Lina at the island of Cres etc. You can find a lot more information Diving Cres.


Unlike other islands in the Adriatic, Susak is covered by fine soft sandy material. This soft sand makes jogging perfectly safe and enjoyable. Here are some ideas ordered by the difficulty level:

  • Easy jogging:
    • From upper village to cemetery and back
    • From upper village to the chapel and back
    • From harbor along the coast till the end of Spiaza bay
  • Intermediate level:
    • From the lower village up the dusty road to the upper village and back
    • From upper village to the Bok bay and back
  • Advanced level:
    • A round tour from lower village up to the upper village, than do the lighthouse and back down the steep path to the lower village
    • A round trips up one staircase and down the other - as many times as you wish

These were just ideas - you can make any combination which matches your fitness level. During the summer it’s best to go jogging early in the morning - at 7am or even earlier, since then the temperatures are at acceptable levels. You can also go jogging in the evening around 6pm, however, the expect significantly higher air temperatures!