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Susak Emigrant’s Day

The last Saturday of July is a very special day for people of Susak - it’s the Emigrant’s day. The village is cleaned and decorated for this special occasion. A water cistern by the schoolhouse is transformed into improvised stage, where a concert will be held. Everybody puts their Sunday clothes on, and gathers around the stage. Usually a politician shows up giving promises, posing for the press. To this date both Croatian presidents and a few ministers have visited the island.

This is probably the only day in the whole year when the whole island comes to life!

In the 2009 the Emigrants Day will be held on June 26th.

Find out more at: Croatian Heritage Foundation

Corpus Christi Procession on July 15

(2007) A poster inviting to the classical music concertOn July the 15th a procession is held. It starts early in the morning at parish church of st. Nicolas in upper village. From there crosses are carried to the lower village. The procession makes stops and has a prayer at improvised, yet very carefully decorated altars. Each altar has a special meaning. The whole trip ends back at the parish church in the upper village, where a holy mass is held. After the mass, usually a banquet is held on the square in front of the church.

Have a look at some photos at: Susak Procession

Susak Summer of 2008

(2007) A poster inviting to the classical music concertIn the summer of 2007 a group of musicians led by Vuk Popović held a classical concert on the square in front of the church. The concert proved to be a great success. It was just the thing what Susak needed - a thing which brought the island back to life.

As a result of this accidental success, a whole series of concerts is scheduled for the summer of 2008. Read more about it HERE

Susak Expo

Susak Expo 2006 - Daniel Devlin and he's orange wheelbarrowsSusak Expo is an attempt to bring contemporary art, which usually exists only in big cities like New York and London, to a small remote place like Susak. The concept started as an art project by Daniel Devlin, who was at the time doing he’s Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in London.

The first Susak Expo was held back in July 2006, when 32 artists from all over the world landed on Susak, with no plans and no expectations, but the knowledge that something would come out of this. Here are some of the projects which were done:

  • Tomaž Kramberger and Rodrigo Oliveira hired a plane that did a few loops above the main beach and dropped a parcel which was taken to Kuca 600 and contained a model airplane.
  • Bruce Mclean and Ron Haselden, could not attend but sent work by fax and e-mail which was printed and shown in Kuća (house) 600.
  • Daniel Devlin had a project called Nanarondžsta Karijuola (orange wheelbarrow), where 50 wheelbarrows were collected from common people who wanted to participate and were painted bright orange. After that they were returned back to their owners. The idea was to take an object which is so familiar to Susak but almost invisible, and to make it special and visible, in a way, making it a symbol for Susak. Even today, 2 years after the Expo, you can see the orange karijolas going about their everyday business.
  • Janko Matić cleaned the beach with a huge net, people on the beach were uncertain if this was an art performance or just someone cleaning the beach.
  • Eddi Farell, Paul Carr and Michael Wedgewood made interventions in the landscape using 500 sheets of white A4 paper.
  • Julius Welby made sculptures out of ice which lasted only a few hours.
  • Wendy Repass drew Glagolitic letters in the streets with sea water, these drawings lasted only a few minutes.
  • Jo Melvin gave daily talks on Kierkegaard in Kuća (house) 600.
  • Will Mackrell made a light sculpture in the the old observation outpost.
  • Herzog Dellafiore camped out at the far end of the island for the duration of the show, shouting at the sea.
  • Brian Chalkley brought with him photographs of Hackney, mounted on foam and placed them in similar locations in Susak.

Every Susak expo will take a different form. The aim of Susak expo is not to become predictable, if that was the case, it would slowly become a provincial arts and crafts fair instead of an outlet for contemporary art.

Susak Expo 2008

After one year pause, a new Susak Expo will be held in the summer of 2008. Read more about it HERE.

International Art Workshops

In the summer of 2008 Susak will host workshops from artistic perspective dealing with ecology and sustainable growth of remote islands. Read more about it HERE

Vineyard party 2008

It is still to certain if the Vineyard party 2008 will be organized. In case there is such a party, it will probably be held at the same time as the Susak Summer concerts. In other words, some time within the period from August 15th to August 25th.

Have a look at some photos of this event at: